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(1311 UTC 20 February 2019)
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METAR text: MYNN 201300Z 11011KT 9999 BKN020 25/21 A3015
Conditions at: MYNN (NASSAU INTL , BS) observed 1300 UTC 20 February 2019
Temperature: 25.0°C (77°F)
Dewpoint: 21.0°C (70°F) [RH = 79%]
Pressure (altimeter): 30.15 inches Hg (1021.1 mb)
Winds: from the ESE (110 degrees) at 13 MPH (11 knots; 5.7 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles (10+ km)
Ceiling: 2000 feet AGL
Clouds: broken clouds at 2000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather observed at this time

Forecast for: MYNN (NASSAU INTL , BS)
Text: MYNN 201030Z 2012/2112 12016KT 9999 SCT020
Forecast period: 1200 UTC 20 February 2019 to 1200 UTC 21 February 2019
Forecast type: FROM: standard forecast or significant change
Winds: from the ESE (120 degrees) at 18 MPH (16 knots; 8.2 m/s)
Visibility: 6 or more miles 10+ km)
Ceiling: at least 12,000 feet AGL
Clouds: scattered clouds at 2000 feet AGL
Weather: no significant weather forecast for this period
Text: PROB40
Forecast period: 1500 to 1900 UTC 20 February 2019
Forecast type: TEMPORARY: The following changes expected for less than half the time period
Winds: from the SE (140 degrees) at 17 MPH (15 knots; 7.7 m/s)
gusting to 29 MPH (25 knots; 12.9 m/s)
Visibility: 5 miles (8 km)
Ceiling: 1500 feet AGL
Clouds: broken clouds at 1500 feet AGL
broken clouds at 3000 feet AGL
Weather: SHRA  (rain showers)



Type APP Name APP Frequency 121 MHZ
Type ATIS Name ATIS Frequency 118.7 MHZ
Type CLD Name CLNC DEL Frequency 118.3 MHZ
Type CTAF Name CTAF Frequency 122.95 MHZ
Type GND Name GND Frequency 121.7 MHZ
Type RDO Name RDO Frequency 128 MHZ
Type TWR Name TWR Frequency 119.5 MHZ
Type UNIC Name UNICOM Frequency 123 MHZ

Type VOR-DME Name Nassau Frequency 112700 KHZ
Type NDB Name Nassau Frequency 251 KHZ

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